Aysel Finnegan

Aysel Finnegan

Aysel Finnegan

Companys' Profile
Who we are? Where we are?

"TERA", real estate company established in 2006, entered into a partnership with "KAMON" a company operating in Europe in real estate and construction since 30 years.
T E R A K A M Ô N is a company with Turkish and French partnership base in Izmir, Turkey.

TERA, with its experience in real estate in Izmir since 2006 and international business experiences achieved in 26 years and KAMON, with its 30 years experiences in real estate counselling and construction, united their experiences by establishing TERAKAMON in 2011 and which has started its activities as "TERAKAMON INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT COUNSELLING"
By uniting their experiences our companies aim to offer the best services to its clients in the international arena.

T E R A K A M Ô N has offices in ALSANCAK VE ALAÇATI (Izmir Province, Turkey),
The offices in Europe are located in STRASBOURG VE LUXEMBOURG. Moreover it has a partnership with the company ARTEMİS in France.
Our Company has employees fluent in English, French, Russian and Italian.

What is our Philosophy?
As T E R A K A M Ô N we provide the most proper choices to our clients accordingly to their requets, life style, properties' features and budget.
We offer houses or properties with feature like swimming, surfing, diving, horseback riding, golf, trekking, paragling, social life, night life, village life, quietness in accordance with life style which are respectively the dream of every client.

“T E R A K A M Ô N” offers you to experience a new life style and makes your dream to become real ...!

Projects - Clients
What are our projects?

Aware of the of the touristic investment interests in recent years to the Aegean costs and particularly to the Çeşme İzmir province, our Company has a wide portfolio in the aforesaid region.
We have a portfolio consisting of houses, villas, residences, flats, lands, building plots, business centers, estates with good renting out profits, very attractive touristic invetsments.

Who are our clients?

Accordingly to their request we offer the best options to our individual clients who wish to buy a property in Turkey, Europe or America and we stand by the clients at every stage from beginning to the end.
Clients seeking to experiece a new life style or to invest in a property as guarantee of future;
as a couple;
a group of friends for living together.
We are fully equipped to offer for every your demand - ready house, building a house or to make a project - with prices ranging from 50.000 € to 300.000 or for higher budgets the most suitable choices for you.

Our Services
We completely stand by our clients in every procedure related buying, in executing every official deal and in project counselling.

DEMO TOURS and advantages we offer to our Clients.

To the investors looking for every possible kind of investment, and for the investors who look for facilities, workplaces, touristic complexes, plots, we offer our best places of our portfolio in Izmir and in the region. We broker for the investors who seek invest abroad.

What we guarantee to the Investors?
First of all our goal is to make the clients, whatever are their requests, to buy the right place at the right price or to invest in the right place.

How do we help the Investors?
T E R A K A M Ô N stands by hisinvestor at every stage of real estate process.
Provides the guarantee the Investor is about to invest in the best product given the market parameters at that time.
Provides counselling accordingly the following mission principles:

Search the land and analyze it
Feasibility study
Project budget
Researchs in Cadastre
Legal status report
Preliminary examination and pilot studies
Alternative construction model/s
Marketing and sales bid

Constructions' Architecture
Inspection and administration of lands, facilities
Companys' Architect
Project Director
Construction Company
Landscape architecture

Notary public
T E R A K A M Ô N and partners will assist their investors as following:

Develop a marketing strategy
İntermediate between clients requests and the contractor company
Enterior and exterior design counselling and support

Our Policy

Clients' satisfaction and long term cooperation

A perfect business sense
Respect and Honesty
Top level service mentality
Teamwork and team Spirit
Clients' satisfaction
A good and correct communication
"Listen" is our major talent

"Long term client satisfaction" is our goal...

Our Mission
We are an international team working with experts in France and Turkey. We perform our job with enthusiasm and zeal seeking the perfection.

Our staff wishes long term satisfaction. Our commitment is to hear, to understand, to find out and meet the needs of our clients.

We offer extraordinary products with modern design and best organization.

Our goal and philosophy is to provide the 1st class quality.

We select our partners among those with experience and brand awareness in accordance to customers' expectations and in order to maintain their satisfaction at the highest level.