Samia Ouertani

Samia Ouertani

Samia Ouertani

Samia stands out for its human side, its authenticity, its undeniable sense of listening and the breadth of its network of contacts.
The quality of its services, the perseverance and the maintenance of its follow-ups make Samia an experienced expert in the field of real estate.

It is by building relationships of trust that Samia gets a lot of listings and an abundance of sales. That's why she was ranked for the 10th consecutive year 1st real estate agent of the offices of Via Capitale du Mont-Royal in 2017. A well deserved pride!

Via the Capitale du Mont-Royal and Samia ... a story of the heart since 2001!
Life is punctuated by decisive encounters and sometimes, at the turn of a darker moment, luck smiles at us and a simple person can make all the difference.

As for Samia, this pivotal person, the one who believed in her and who opened the doors of the big family Via Capitale du Mont-Royal, is the owner and manager of the branch: Nathalie Clément.
She saw in Samia what was invisible to the eye and her foresight led her to the success she knows today. His gratitude to this exceptional woman is unfathomable.

And, because Samia is a woman of heart, she remains loyal to her first banner.

Service Areas

  • Montreal, QC, Canada